Rekka Lamak, The Unique Tradition of Eid Al-Fitr In Lamahala, East Flores

Rekka Lamak, The Unique Tradition of Eid Al-Fitr In Lamahala, East Flores
Ceremony Rekka Lamak Lamahala – Rekka Lama is a tradition of indigenous style dining in Lamahala Jaya Village, East Adonara District, East Flores Regency, NTT. This customary meal is usually carried out every year in the momentum of Eid, after the Lamahala community performs Eid prayer.

All Lamahala people come to bring their rice from their homes and will be given side dishes, usually beef soup, by the Kings (Ata Kebelen / Bela Tello).

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The mechanism for implementing the Rekka Lamak is carried out by means of every Lamahala wife or daughter upholding a tray from her house containing two – three rice dishes according to the number of family members.

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They departed from their homes led by their husbands or fathers, each headed for a tribal house to gather with all the tribesmen and then walked towards the Kapitan house (a collection of tribes).

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From the Kapitan house the entourage of the Kapitsn walked towards Bela (Raja) respectively. From the king’s house (there were 3 kings in Lamahala) they walked towards the Bale Adat. When they arrived at Bale Adat, food was held in the presence of their husbands or fathers, after which the King ordered his children and wives to give beef or soup to all the people.

Some of the cultural values that can be learned from the implementation of this activity, are:

  1. Kakan kerun, arin baki.
    Narrowly means, brother reconciles and reassures his sister. The cultural value here is that as a (King) Brother is obliged to protect, and prosper his people. This was seen when the King gave side dishes to his people.
  2. Puin taan uin tou, gahan taan kahan ehan.
    It is contains the value of a sense of unity and unity in the implementation of this ceremony. This can be seen in the togetherness that was built during the implementation of the activities. From the smallest to the biggest elements strengthen each other for the success of the event.
  3. Tekan tabe gike hukut, tenu tabe lobo luan.
    This philosophy means that even the least amount of food or drink can be felt. This is indicated by the distribution of side dishes that are equally, ranging in size, taste and type. All of these characterize to show that justice will bring prosperity.

Rekka Lamak is done at Eid Al-Fitr because in Eid there is a moment of mutual forgiveness. When eating together, all hate and revenge disappear by itself and change to mutual forgiveness and love.

# Rekka Lamak, The Unique Tradition of Eid Al-Fitr In Lamahala, East Flores

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