You Need To Know The Myths And Facts About Things That Can Increase Your Body Weight

You Need To Know The Myths And Facts About Things That Can Increase Your Body Weight

You Need To Know The Myths And Facts About Things That Can Increase Your Body Weight
Illustration @thinkstock – Body weight generally increases when the body’s calories burned while your activity are less than the calories that come from the food you consumed.

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Weight gain is often caused by the amount of food intake into the body that exceeds the calorie limit that is in accordance with our body’s mass index. There are also many myths in the community about food that must be avoided because it can increase body weight. But actually these foods are very important because they contain nutrients needed by our body.

  1. Diet soda is healthier than ordinary soda.
    For the myth, diet soda is healthier than ordinary soda because diet soda is a calorie-free carbonated drink. But the fact is that diet soda is not healthier than ordinary soda because artificial sweeteners in it, such as aspartame, suclarose, and acesulfame-potassium actually have a sweet taste that is stronger than sugar. Artificial sweeteners can stimulate parts of the brain that can make you feel hungry. So, even though diet soda is free of calories, this drink can actually increase appetite.
  2. Cardio exercise on an empty stomach burns more fat.
    When you heard about this, you’re totally wrong. The fact is, when cardio training, the large muscles that give you strength depend on the body’s energy produced by fat and carbohydrates. Well, on an empty stomach, the body will take fat and carbohydrates from the bloodstream and muscles, not fat on fat cells. You are at risk for hyperglycemia and low levels of hydration, which forces the body to reduce the intensity of exercise.
  3. Remove egg yolks
    Choosing only for egg whites is truly a myth. Egg yolks contain healthy fatty acids and micronutrients such as selenium to boost immunity and vitamin B.
  4. You don’t have dinner
    This is one of the food myths that can cause weight gain. You don’t have dinner will make your body weight decrese, but the truth is going to sleep when hungry can reduce your blood sugar levels and can cause your night to get nervous. This can cause you to crave carbohydrates the next day.
  5. It’s better to eat small portions often
    The myths say eating less but often better than eating at the same time, because it helps stimulate metabolism. In fact, a University of Ottawa study found that eating 3 times a day or 6 times a day did not make a significant difference in the process of weight loss. The important thing is not how many times you eat in a day, but the quality of each food you consume.
  6. Avoid consuming carbohydrates and fat.
    In fact, complex carbohydrates and good fats are not enemies of the body. Instead, both are needed if you want to lose weight. There are many foods that have good fats, such as avocados, fish, beans, and olive oil. Even so, avoid bad carbohydrates like rice and bread.

# You Need To Know The Myths And Facts About Things That Can Increase Your Body Weight

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