Air Panas In Mokantarak Village Increasingly Attracted

Air Panas In Mokantarak Village Increasingly Attracted
Mangrove – Air Panas – Air Panas often called Wai Plati by the people of Larantuka, are one of the hot springs in East Flores are increasingly in demand by local tourists.

This can be seen from the large number of visitors who come to this hot springs. Mostly young people, come to hot spring just to make a selfie or take a pictures. One of the things that captivates tourists, especially young people is the boardwalk, where visitors can explore the mangrove forest and enjoy the beautiful of it with Mandiri mountain for the background.

Not only that, there is also a view tower, where visitors can enjoy more clearly the view of mangrove forests in Air Panas.

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There is so many space with varying temperature levels. At each source has a separator made by rocks. Visitors can choose to enjoy it, as they wish. Whether it’s just soaking the feet or soaking the whole body according to the temperature level.

In Hot Spring there is also a comfortable children’s playground, besides that, there is also a gazebo where visitors or tourists can sit and relax to enjoyed it.

This hot spring is located in Mokantarak Village, and the distance is not far from the city of Larantuka, where visitors only need about 20 minutes to reach this hot springs.

# Air Panas In Mokantarak Village Increasingly Attracted

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